Gerontology Research

Prerequisites: Classified graduate status and consent of graduate adviser. Independent/original research under faculty supervision.

Continuous enrollment required for all students yet to complete the master's thesis or research project. May be repeated for a total of 9 units, but cannot be used more than 3 units for degree credit.

Gerontology Seminar

Prerequisite: Enrollment in gerontology program or consent of instructor.

Group process in support of gerontology internship, learning contract and qualitative methods; fieldwork experience and techniques; ethics and problem-solving. May be repeated for a total of 6 units. (Plus-minus letter grade; CR/NC allowed, RP)

Research Methods in Gerontology

Prerequisites: Introductory statistics and consent of instructor.

Quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods, data gathering techniques, measurement and data analysis and interpretation. Applications of research methods to studies in aging, including descriptive and comparative research, program evaluations, and needs assessments.

Aging and Diversity

Multicultural aging issues; psychological aspects of aging for ethnic/racial groups within the U.S. Cultural competence, cohort variations, health differentials, life expectancy/longevity, theoretical perspectives, and methodological implications.